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Rare Exotic Fruit Trees


Lycium barbarum (Goji Berry)
Lycium barbarum Goji Berry
A fairly hardy exotic, though tends to perform better in a greenhouse/conservatory. Produces edible fruits of which are very health beneficial.
1ft tall £30.00


The World famous tropical Mango Indica.

Tropical Mango tree, very productive trees. Fresh growth, grafted tree. Providing they're grown in a greenhouse/conservatory they should fruit every year.

Mango Osteen 2-3ft tall £55.00 (Now out of stock till March 2010) Mango Fact Sheet -

Rarely offered tropical Litchi, (lychee) Tree.

Very pretty leaves. Providing they're grown in a greenhouse/conservatory they should fruit every year.

2ft tall Tropical Lychee/Litchi Tree,
£55.00 Lychee Fact Sheet - (Now out of stock till March 2010)

Rarely offered grafted tropical Avocado Tree.

Lovely specimens, lots of new growth, grafted tree. Providing they're grown in a greenhouse/conservatory they should fruit every year.

4ft tall Tropical Avocado Tree.
(Fresh stock now available) A male and female specimen is required to enable the flowers to fertilize. 1x specimen @ £95.00, or £125.00 (Special end of season offer!) for both male and female trees.

Avocado Hass Early Flower Buds

1x Avocado Tree
2x Avocado Tree - male and female.Now available (26 February 08)

Punica Granatum Pomegranate - Fina Tendral
Pomegranate, produces lovely juicy fruits. A lovely addition for the greenhouse, must be protected from frost.

1ft 6 inches tall specimen (2ltr pot) £29.00


3x 6/8 inches tall cuttings £35.00 - Pomegranate Cutting
Pomegranate Fact Sheet - winterish

Punica Pomegranate - Fina Tendral £65 Plants Now All in Flower!

3ft tall fruiting specimens - winterish £65.00

6ft tall £115.00

Punica Flore Pleno - New edible variety
Also a pretty tough variety, early flowering and perfect for a south facing garden.
1ft 6 inches tall, 2ltr pot (already in bud) £45.00

Ficus Carica, (Fig)
Why not grow your very own figs, a hardy plant perfect for the garden.
We have found they do very well in our greenhouses and the fruits tend to ripen quicker.

12 inches tall - in fruit £35.00

2 foot tall - in fruit £45.00

Acmena (Lilly Pilly)

Acmena Lilly Pilly Flowers
Native of Australia, a real bush tucker plant! Has red edible berries, very close dense foliage which is red/purple in colour when young. Very easy to grow, fast growing. Can be trained to a certain height/shape required.

5 foot 6 inches tall robust specimen, (currently in fruit).

1 foot 6 inches tall £47.50 - in flower

Rarely Offered Exotic Guava Trees

Psidium Littorale Strawberry Guava.
4 foot tall, 10ltr pot very attractive and robust l £125.00 - Hopefully available May 08 - perfect for stick insects!

Psidium Guava  

4 foot tall 6ltr pot, very attractive large leaves £75.00 - budding back into leaf (27-1-08)

Pitanga Eugenia Uniflora
Surinam Cherry, originating from Brazil. Produces 3cm edible pink fruits. Performs very well in the greenhouse/conservatory. Keep above 5 degrees.

3ft tall £65.00 - winterish

Star Fruit Tree, (Averrhoa Carambola)

4 foot tall 3ltr pot £85.00 - out of stock 11 June 2010

Cherimoya Annona - grafted specimens.

Custard apple tree, very rarely offered.
6 foot tall, £70.00 - (Now out of stock 22 June 2008)

Actinidia Arguta - Issai - Russian Kiwi

A hardy kiwi suitable for a south facing garden trained along a wall/frame or even in the greenhouse/conservatory. Produces edible kiwi fruits which are slightly smaller than the regular variety. A seft-pollinating variety, very attractive foliage and flowers.

4/6 inches tall specimen, 9cm pot £17.99

1ft tall £39.00

Cyphomandra Befacea - Tree Tomato

Fast growing exotic suitable for the greenhouse/conservatory. Produces oval shaped orange edible fruits every year.
1ft tall - already in flower/fruit- £37.00

August 25, 2008



Rare Exotic Fruits.

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Mangos Trees Now Available!

Mango Tree -Osteen
Mango Osteen Tree

Mango Osteen Fruit
Mango Osteen Fruit

Massive Mango Tree - Tommy Atkins
Massive Tommy Atkins Mango Trees

Mangosteen Tree


Acmena Lilly Pily.

Acmena Lilly Pilly Trees

David's Exotic Plants UK is now authorised to ship plants worldwide.


David's Exotic Plants UK is now pleased to offer grafted tropical mango trees, guava trees, cashew nut trees, star fruit trees, punica pomegranate, akee fruit trees, cinnamon trees, custard apple trees, avocado trees and the rarely offered litchi/lychee tree.



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