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David's exotic plants often does talks for horticultural societies all around Kent. If you belong to a gardening club and would like us to come and do a talk on the cultivation and care of exotics, then please drop us a line. Our talk includes the cultivation of citrus, bougainvillea, jasmines, plumeria and of course problem solving. A plant is also used as part of a demonstration. The talk is performed as a Powerpoint slide show and usually lasts no more than 90 minutes.

Our fees are dependent on the locality to us.

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Coming Soon! - Multi Grafted Citrus Trees.

We are currently in the process of grafting a batch of multi grafted citrus, of which shall be available for retailing in the middle of next year.
The trees we shall be stocking will be a lemon, with an orange and mandarin grafted onto the same tree. 01-11-0


New Varieties of Citrus Now Available!

Citrus Page.

Citrus Four Seasons Lemon Tree

Citrus Red Lime

Citrus Red Lime

Success With Citrus Fruits Book  
Success With Citrus Fruits Book

All about Citrus And Subtropical Fruits Book  
All About Citrus And Subtropical Fruits Book.




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