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Other Exotics 2.

David's Exotics Other Exotic Plants Page 2.

Gloriosa Superba, rothschildiana

Gloriosa Superba, also known as the national flower of Zimbabwe.
An active climber, can be trained. A tuber grown plant, which come up every spring.

3 foot tall in 3ltr pots, £45.00

Jacaranda Mimosifolia
Not many nurseries here in UK sell these. Blue flowers in due course, with leaves much like those of the acacia.
Tend to grow very tall, so be sure you have somewhere with plenty of head-room for your jacaranda to over-winter in! Jacaranda fact sheet

1 foot tall £35.00 - Now on back order, until March 2009.

6/7 foot tall specimens £150.00 - Available again from July 2008.

Justicia Carnea
A lovely small plant, produces very deep dark green leaves followed by pink honeysuckle type flowers.

6 inches tall, 9cm pot very nicely shaped £21.00

1 foot tall - currently in bud. £35.00

Lantana Camara
Seen a lot is Africa, produces bright coloured flowers. A toxic plant, but very pretty when in flower. Mainly grown as a patio container plant, but also does very well in a greenhouse.

5x 14cm pot, mixed colours £40.00 - one or two still in flower.

Nectarine Nectarella
A perfect tree for a greenhouse/conservatory. Produces lovely sweet nectarines.

3 foot tall £55.00

Peach Trees
Grafted trees currently in flower, very nicely shaped.
Perfect exotic for a greenhouse/conservatory.

3 foot tall £55.00.

Apricot Tree
Grafted tree, tend to flower in the Spring. Requires a sheltered position and very free draining soil.


8 foot tall £100.00

Nerium Oleander
Has lovely thin long leaves, has deep cream and yellow coloured flowers. It is perfect for brightening up your greenhouse! Hardy in the south east and south west of England.

1 foot tall specimen £35.50 - Red flowering

4 foot tall specimen, cream colour. £60.50

Sansevieria Laurentii - Snake Plant
Perfect exotic for the greenhouse/conservatory/houseplant. Perfect beginner plant.

1 foot 6 inches tall £35.00

Salvia Microphylla

Salvia Microphylla. This is the Mexican humming bird flower - red flowers, perennial, most attractive!

1 foot tall £31.50

Melia (Chinaberry, Indian Lilac). Here’s an interesting exotic you won't find in the Garden Centre! Native to Asia and Australia but widely grown in Central Africa, Greece, etc. Deciduous, noted for the attractive foliage and heavily scented lilac-like flowers. Melia are easy to look after provided you keep them away from frost.

3ltr pot, 2ft tall. £35.00 (now out of stock till March 08)

7ft tall £90.00 (now out of stock till March 08)

Cycas revoluta 'Sago Palm'
A cute little palm, can grow very tall but is trainable.

2/3 inches tall £12.00

12 inches tall £28.00

1 foot 6 inches tall £39.00

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June 23, 2008




Other Exotic Plants 2

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Gloriosa Superba Flame Lily

National Flower of Zimbabwe, -Gloriosa Superba.


Jacaranda Mimosifolia.

Jacaranda Mimosifolia

Lantana Camara.

Lantana Camara

Cream coloured Oleander.

Cream coloured Oleander

Pink Oleander
Nerium Oleander Pink

Justicia Carnea
Justicia Carnea

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