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Other Exotic Plants.

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Aloe Vera, Burn Plant.
The jelly inside the plant is great for cooling down burns.

6/8 inches tall, very nicely shaped £35.00


Araucaria Heterophylla Norfolk Island Pine (Monkey Puzzle Tree)
A lovely plant that has soft spines on its branches and main stem.

Product withdrawn. Only availble on special request.

Azadirachta Indica (Neem Tree)
Native of India. The Neem tree is famous for its medical properties. Perfect for the greenhouse/conservatory, though needs to be kept above 12 degrees in the winter months.
21 May 2007 - Please note unfortunately we have been unable to ship these over this year. We will continue to try and import a batch as soon as they become available again.

Bauhinia Acuminata (Camel's Foot)
We found this plant very hard to find, but we do have the white variety. The leaves are shaped much like a camel's foot, hence its name. Very fragrant, almost orchid-like flowers.
Bauhinia Fact Sheet

4 foot tall, currently in flower £55.00

Billbergia Windii
An unusual exotic, produces sharp pointed leaves quite similar to the pineapple.
In the summer months it produces a red spike shaped flower.

6/8 inches tall £29.00


Coffea Arabica
Grow your very own coffee beans. Produces lovely white blossom, followed by (if you're lucky) coffee beans. Coffea Fact Sheet

6 inches tall, £29.00

4 foot tall - currently in flower £235Robust Coffee Plant


Camellia Sinensis, (Tea Plant)

Camellia Sinensis - Tea Plant Leaves
Why not grow your own tea, very nicely shaped specimens.

1 foot tall, currently in bud £40.00

2 foot 6 inches tall, currently in bud £68.00

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June 23, 2008


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Other Exotic Plants

Billbergia Windii

Cassia Corymbosa.

Cassia Corymbosa

Camellia Sinensis 'Tea Plant'

Camellia Sinensis Tea Plant

Norfolk Island Pine Specimens.
4/5 foot tall Norfolk Island Pine Specimens Now Available!

Coffea Arabica
Coffea Arabica


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