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Olea Olive Trees.

David's Exotic Plants UK Olive Page.

Olea Europaea Olive
Lovely small specimen, in the Spring they produce their famous scented flowers. And if you are lucky your own olives.

1 foot tall, in flower/fruit. £39.50

1 foot 6 inches tall, semi standard 1 inch trunk with perfect head £ 59.00

Olea Olive tree, 1ft 6 inches tall with 1inch thick stem

2 foot, in flower £60.00

3½ foot tall £75.00

2ft twisted olive tree, stunning! £50.00

6 foot tall rounded head specimen, very attractive!

8 foot tall rounded head specimen, very attractive! £650

8ft tall grove ex olive tree

Grove olive tree 9/12 foot tall £1500.00 (excludes delivery) Please contact us for an exact delivery quote.

standard ex grove olive tree for sale

June 23, 2008



Olea Olive Trees

6 inch tall standard olive tree, flowers/fruit

Twisted Stem Olive Tree.

Twisted Stem Olive Tree
Spiral multi stemmed olive tree.

Olea Olive Tree Multi Twisted Stem

Olive Tree Fruits.
Olea Olive Tree Fruits

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