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Kiddy Plants Page

David's Exotic Plants UK is now please to offer a small selection of exotic plants suitable for kiddies.


Four Seasons Lemon Trees.
Fragrant citrus flowers as well as fruit through all four seasons. Recognized as the best of the lemons - a lovely plant for greenhouse or conservatory!  
Comes complete with fact sheet.

1 foot tall standard (in fruit), £43.00

Citrus Navel Orange

A fast growing citrus, has very deep green citrus leaves. A lovely citrus for your collection. Produces large oranges, fruits we have found to grow larger than regular shop oranges and taste far nicer.

8/10 inches tall, 2ltr pot £39.00

Brunfelsia Calycina, Yesterday Today Tomorrow.
Also known as 'Yesterday Today & Tomorrow', this has to be one of my favourites! The flowers are purple one day, the next day light blue and the last day they are white. Lovely scent.
Brunfelsia Fact Sheet

1 foot 6 inches tall £37.50


Olea Europaea Olive
Lovely small specimen, in the Spring they produce their famous scented flowers. And if you are lucky your own olives.

1 foot tall, in flower. £39.50

Night Blooming Jasmine (Cestrum nocturnum)
Also known as the lady of the night, a night blooming jasmine. Seen a lot in India, very attractive. Must be kept in the greenhouse/conservatory and protected from frost.

6/8 inches tall £26.50


June 23 2008


New Varieties of Citrus Now Available!

Kiddies Plant Page.

Citrus Four Seasons Lemon Tree

Citrus Red Lime

Citrus Red Lime

Success With Citrus Fruits Book  
Success With Citrus Fruits Book

All about Citrus And Subtropical Fruits Book  
All About Citrus And Subtropical Fruits Book.


We currently have a number of kaffir limes, four seasons lemon trees, calamondin oranges, Valencia oranges, Clementines, citrus mandarins, citrus satsumas, citrus white marsh grapefruits, fukushu kumquats, tahiti limes, key limes, Romanain limes, limequat eustis, bergamots, meyers lemons, buddha's hand and navel oranges on offer.

Citrus Promotion Now On!

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