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Hardy Exotics.


Araucaria Araucana, (Monkey Puzzle)

A very popular plant, known as the monkey puzzle as a monkey would find it a puzzle to climb. We have found these to be very hardy. They are very nicely shaped trees, much like the shape of a Christmas tree. We have seen these grow as tall as 40 feet and they look beautiful! A fairly slow growing tree though, ours have grown 1 foot a year.

11 inches tall, 15cm pot - young specimen £15.00

Small Araucaria Araucana Monkey Puzzle Tree


1 foot 6 inches tall, small specimen £69  Araucaria Araucana 1ft 6 inches tall specimen

3 foot large specimen £80.00

5 foot tall standard £290.00 - comes in a 50ltr pot very robust stunning!

6 foot 6 inches tall, very robust stunning specimens £420.00 - Stunning standards, 2/3 inch thick stem very uniform branches.

Albizia Julibrissin

Albizia Julibrissin
Hardy exotic suitable for a south facing garden. Produces silky pink coloured blooms from early summer. A lovely example of this exotic is at RHS Wisley near their main tropics greenhouse.

2 foot 6 inches tall, 4ltr £35.00


Davidia Involucrata (Dove Tree)
Produces its famous white flowers which are shaped much like a dove. These trees are currently 6/7 foot tall and are just producing their lovely new leaves.

4 foot tall 57.00

Arbutus Unedo (Strawberry Tree)

Arbutus Unedo Strawberry tree, seen a lot in the warmer parts of Europe. The fruit is much like a strawberry.

6/8 inches tall stunning bushy head £27.00

4 foot tall £51.00

Black Mulberry, (Morus Nigra).
A lovely hardy exotic, produces edible black mulberries.
We've seen these a lot in Africa.

3 foot 6 inches tall £55.00

Eriobotrya Japonica Loquat

Loquat Flower Buds
A lovely example of a hardy exotic, produces orange pear shaped edible fruits. The leaves tend to grow rather large and are slightly hairy. Best placed on a south facing wall and watered regularly.
Due to the size of this tree, we are unable to despatch. Buyer would have to collect, or we may be able to offer local delivery.

4 foot tall 6 ltr pot £85.00 - in flower stunning!
4 foot 6 inches tall 12 ltr pot £140.00

8/10 foot tall, 200/300ltr pot - Stunning! £1000.00

Trachelospermum Jasminoides
Produces highly scented jasmine flowers from early summer though to autumn. Perfect for a south facing garden.

2/4 inches tall - plug cuttings £17.00

6/8 inches tall - 2ltr pot £24.00

Vaccinium Corymbosum - (Blueberry)
Hardy exotic suitable for a south facing garden in the south east/south western part of Britain. Blueberry plants require a free draining compost and plenty of water throughout the growing season. Produces edible blueberry fruits from June/July.
1 foot tall fruiting/flowering specimens £19.00

April 27, 2011

  Hardy Exotic Plants.


Araucaria Araucana (Monkey Puzzle Tree)

Araucaria Araucana Monkey Puzzle Tree






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