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Fine Art Furniture.

Fine Art Furniture offers uniquely beautiful one-of-a-kind furniture custom designed and built by Julian Hamer for the discerning furniture lover.
Creating heirlooms of tomorrow for generations to come, each piece combines solid, enduring construction and graceful proportion complementing the beauty of the finest hardwoods.

Fine Art Chairs
Art and Craftsmanship
unite in building unique custom chairs
of lasting value and beautywith elegance and style.
Julian Hamer is a lifelong woodworker and sculptor trained in England and Austria.

Julian Hamer's web site is about fine dining chairs and the art of chair making. Beautiful lines, richly ornate and figured woods and unashamed comfort all combine strict attention to ergonomics, visual pleasure and fine woodcraft

Yummy Scrummy Cupcakes
My wife Yvonne has recently set up a cupcake business based in Ashford, Kent. She produces home made cupcakes for any occasion.

My other uncle - Richard Hamer from the West Devon English Language School offers the facility to improve your spoken English without leaving your home.


If you require role play training, then my cousin Marcus Hamer from Silvercube is your man! Silvercube is a role-play and training company providing professional actors to businesses for experiential staff training.

The benefit of this live training work is vast; delegates are able to practise challenging situations in a safe and secure environment. Silvercube actors will give specific feedback on how they felt in certain situations and this will enable the staff member to be more aware of the influence and impact they are having within an organisation.

Silvercube works in the following areas:

  • leadership
  • appraisals
  • change management
  • sales
  • conflict
  • customer care
  • presentation skills
  • handling the media

The large organisations that Silvercube work with understand and value the importance of role-play training. It is an integral part of their ongoing training initiative. In this increasingly legislative and litigious environment it is vital that staff are able to communicate effectively with each other. Working with Silvercube actors aids this process and fosters greater understanding of behaviour and psychology.


Web Hosting Services

David also offers affordable web hosting from his company Css Web Design & Hosting UK.

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Fine Art Furniture By Julian Hamer.

Fine Art Chairs By Julian Hamer

Julian Hamer is a lifelong furniture maker and trained in both England and Austria.
Phone 541 482-8434
Fax 541 488-8327 info@fineartfurniture.com
Fine Art Furniture

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