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Bougainvillea Hints & Tips.

Bougainvillea Growing Hints.

Every now and then we are asked how to grow and maintain bougainvilleas in the greenhouse/conservatory.
We are now pleased to offer growing hints on pruning, feeding and potting.

FAQ: When is the best time of year to prune my bougainvillea?
Answer: Spring.

FAQ: Which parts should be pruned?
Answer: Young fresh shoots rather than older established ones. The reason is that the older shots tend to stay as they are, growth-wise, whilst the new young shoots will tend to take over.

FAQ: Why are my leaves dropping?
Answer: Could be several reasons.
The most common cause is cold, wet conditions. This usually occurs when a plant is watered with cold water in the winter months and the water remains within the pot and doesn't drain fully away. As bougainvilleas come from very dry climates they are used to finding their own water, so keeping them in damp conditions doesn't really help them.
The other reason could be central heating. Bougainvilleas have a very soft leaf, so central heating does tend to dry leaves out very quickly. Once this occurs the plant will lose its leaves and continue to dry out.
Rather than exposing the plant to central heating, it is generally advised to keep your bougainvillea in the greenhouse/conservatory, at around 6 degrees.

FAQ: There are new bracts popping through, but they keep dropping. What should I do?
Answer: The most likely course of this is from the plant not taking up enough water for the bracts to grow. This usually happens when the plant is placed in heated surroundings and it dries out too much.

FAQ: Why are the leaves on my bougainvillea turning yellow and dropping?
Answer: Bougainvilleas do lose their leaves every year, so this isn't something to be worried about. Sometimes if the plant is subjected to a hot followed by a sudden cold environment, leaves will drop. But providing the plant is then kept at around 6 degrees for the remainder of the winter, it should rebud back fine.

FAQ: When is the best time of year to repot my bougainvillea?
Answer: Bougainvilleas can be repotted any time of the year. We prefer to repot our trees in the springtime, but before the new growth starts to sprout.

FAQ: What type of compost should I use to repot my bougainvillea?
Answer: We recommend John Innes No3, but you will need to add bark chippings/perlight/grit to help aid drainage. You may also require a small amount of garden lime to increase the pH to 6.5.

For all our other growing instructions, please refer to our bougainvillea fact sheet.

We hope you find our hints and tips useful and enjoy growing your new bougainvillea.

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