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When Exotic Flowers say it Best


‘O Rose, thou art sick' wrote William Blake in 1794, in a poem depicting a love as well as a flower which was slowly decaying. It is not only our literary affair with roses which might need an overhaul: many of us are ‘sick and tired' of this symbolic flowerbed favourite when it comes to sending bouquets.


If you are after something different - or if you need something which doesn't scream ‘Happy Valentine's Day! I bought this in a petrol station - why not look further afield to the world of exotic plants and flowers?


With a worldwide delivery service provided by florists such as Interflora , you can send a bouquet with a distinctly global feel: and still let someone else do the picking and flower delivery for you. Spend a little time browsing online to find a flower which suits the occasion; you will be overwhelmed by choice, and a flash of tropical colour and fragrance will give your gift a distinctive edge.


How about the deep purple bloom of the Eustoma (also known in some circles by its former genus title Lisianthus )? This flower has a long straight stem and strongly-coloured petals forming a bowl shape. It is native to the warmer parts of the Americas : Mexico , the Caribbean and South America, as well as hot southern parts of the United States – hence one of its nicknames, ‘The Texas Bluebell'. Why not combine with some long leaves and a flash of yellow, for an attractive contrast?


Another truly individual plant to try, a far cry from the familiar round shapes of the carnation or geranium, is the heliconia , again found in the Americas and also the Pacific islands near Indonesia . This beautifully geometric, acid-orange and –yellow plant gives great visual contrast to softer, larger petals, as it is dominated by large, waxy bracts which encircle the much more delicate true heliconia flower.


If you are an ethical shopper, as we all should be when it comes to global consumerism, do not forget to investigate the flora market for responsible-trading alternatives. You can find Fair Trade flowers and plants available at Interflora.com, for a gift which boasts deviation from the norm in both decoration and production values. With flower delivery all over the world, you don't need to tramp to the hills of South America to create your bouquet: let someone else do that for you.

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