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The World of Men's Perfume

Men have always dabbled in wearing fragrances; from the suited Hollywood cad to the modern-day footballer, wearing a scent is a sign of sophistication. This doesn't mean that buying a bottle of Old Spice or spraying on Lynx is the same thing. If you're going to wear cologne, you should try and do it with a little old-school panache. Rudolph Valentino, one of the biggest Hollywood heartthrobs of all time, wore cologne that was said to turn female fans wild, and started a trend amongst young men, and James Bond wore his Floris No. 89 on the neckline of his white tuxedo, and was all the more dashing for it.

More recently, celebrities have backed and promoted their own fragrance, and there are a couple of swanky brands that have launched men's perfume, like Dunhill, the British company that sells luxury goods for the quintessential English country-gent. Hugo Boss has appropriated a more a fresh designer fragrance that comes with a pick and mix selection of beauty products; face scrub, aftershave balm and a skin serum are all on offer, while a handy skincare specialist advises you on what you might need.

You may be surprised by just how many scents have been created for men and it's worth looking at these designer perfumes online, to get a taste of what you're getting. The Hugo Boss perfume has a detailed website that shows what it's about, and of course, has an online skincare specialist. Dunhill has a host of goods on its website, including its men's perfume and gives you a nice sense of the product. How to wear your Dunhill or Boss perfume is easy –don't drown yourself in it, just place it at the back of each ear in what's known as a ‘whisper' and allow women to lean and pick up the fragrance. For a subtle touch, try sites like Not on the High Street for gift ideas ; they do scents, oils, and offer lavish pampering pieces for the well-groomed male.

Or if you want it to really blend in with your natural masculine aroma, apply it to your chest. The perk from this is that after you get dressed, the scent will gradually rise to your collar and the women will – in true Bond style – fall at your feet.

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