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The Glamour of Perfume

To be a real starlet and follow the trend of Hollywood glamour-girls of the past, you have to indulge in a luxurious signature scent: it'll speak waves and volumes about you. A designer perfume leaves your stamp on the world and is an elegant way of stepping into womanhood.

You only have to look at the women linked to perfume to see the significant role it plays in reinforcing the notion of glamour. Marilyn Monroe famously declared that she would wear nothing in bed but her Chanel No. 5, and Jacqueline Bisset was so attached to her scent that it appeared on her dressing table in the film Day and Night. Perfume dresses a woman as much as an evening gown does, in fact many actress from 1950s Hollywood had perfume specifically made for them, like Fleurs de Thé Rose Bulgare, for Ava Gardner and L'Interdit by Givenchy for Audrey Hepburn.

An enticing designer perfume like Escada or Chanel both having dressed the ladies of the red carpet in gowns for years - should take a centre stage in your cosmetic bag, which is incomplete without your lipstick, rouge and perfume. You can bet that no glamour girl would leave home without their signature scent, of which there is much on offer. No consumer need be confined to the quarters of big-label brands. There are some equally delicious scents with no label at all. A gift ideas website like Not on the High Street has a selection of fragrances that are boutique and decadent, but aren't available in high street shops.

If you don't fancy lugging whole glass bottles to the beach or on a night out, here's a tip: collect your free perfume samples at the beauty counter and build up a selection in your handbag. That way you can glide around in any sweaty nightclub still smelling of roses. If you're feeling that your looks are lagging by the end of the night and need a revamp, tie your hair up. Apply another coat of mascara and spritz your décolletage with something to shimmer and dazzle back onto the dance floor a revamped woman.

Men too don't need to neglect their glamorous side, nor do they need to panic that it's just-for-girls. You only need to look at Hollywood men to see how slick and sweet-smelling they were, and are. Ladies man Cary Grant opted for Sélection Verte, and hip, hot actors gave been selected to front campaign: Jude Law and Josh Hartnett can be seen smouldering for various brands. Okay, so the guys out there might not want to take out their free perfume sample to the local club, but they should add a touch of glamour to a night by putting a little cologne behind the ears a glamorous lady out there is bound to appreciate it.

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