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Floral Meanings

From the early days of civilisation, the gift of flowers has often been able to convey unspoken sentiments or thoughts to its recipient. Victorian England was especially influenced by the beauty and language of flowers a fondness for all things floral brought about an entire language of flowers and with it an elaborate floral alphabet.

The legacy of this unspoken language still informs the choices people make when choosing flowers for an occasion today. This is because the gift of beautiful flowers with its combination of fragrance and colour is uplifting and so retains its unique ability to replace the need for words.

Flowers are a very important part of the process of remembrance and hold a great sway over other gifts at a painful time. There are many flowers that convey a message of sympathy the most famous of which are lilies, but there are many others to consider when choosing a bouquet. White and pink carnations state 'I'll never forget you', while geraniums offer comfort. Another popular choice is the forget-me-not, for obvious reasons.

There are few of us who do not associate the most iconic flower with this important sentiment: the red rose. Though these wonderful blooms have an unquestionable impact due to this strong association, why not dare to be different and offer your loved one a flower that has a more specific meaning?

For example tulips speak very clearly in the language of flowers - red tulips offering a declaration of love and yellow tulips demonstrating that the giver is hopelessly in love. However, if your intended is particularly fond of roses why not send cream-headed blooms? Associated specifically with seduction, they represent a twist on the traditional and speak volumes too.

In the event of someone being unwell Everyone wants to cheer up that special someone who is ill, and what better way to say you care than to send or deliver a bunch of yellow carnations? These represent a cheerful outlook and bring some warmth to the room. Yarrow blooms signify good health and pink roses friendship, so why not consider creating a personalised bouquet for that someone special to brighten their day?

Whether your gift is intended to lift someone's spirits, sympathise, or as a romantic gesture, the correct use of floriography is as important as the sentiment behind the gift. Understanding the historical meanings behind the flowers you are giving then is as important as they way they are presented and gives you a better idea of how to convey your thoughts.

Visit an established florist shop such as Interflora or better still, their website for flowers in a variety of arrangements and a reliable flower delivery service to use for that important occasion.

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